1. What is Marsbet Affiliates?

Marsbet affiliates is an Affiliate program where you can register and become a partner of Marsbet. By joining this program, you have the opportunity to earn money and increase your income through your website(s). This will happen by advertising and promoting Marsbet through your sites and bringing us new(depositing) customers. Your profit will be a percentage of their revenue through their deposits.

2.Why should I register to Marsbet Affiliate program?

This is completely up to your decision, but from what we can tell you is that our program is one of the most competitive in the market and by that, it means that it is an easy way for you to earn extra money.

3.How do I register to Marsbet Affiliates?

This is as easy as registering for a personal email. Just click on the ‘register’ button and fill up the form with the details needed. Then we will validate your account and you will be officially a Martian!

4.How much does it cost to register in Marsbet Affiliates?

It cost you absolutely nothing! It is for Free!

5.Where can I be addressed if I need more information or extra help?

You can get in touch with our affiliate team any time you wish by sending an email to the following email address: affiliates@marsbet.com

6.How can I see how much money I am earning?

You have simply to login to your Marsbet Affiliates site and everything is available for You to see on your dashboard.

7.What is the percentage that I will be profited by?

This depends on our deal! But don’t forget that we offer reward plans up to 35%.

8.How do I receive my money and when?

You can choose the method that you want to receive your payment. It can be bank transfer or an e-wallet. We will proceed all payments in the first week of each month.

9.From my mobile I cannot see all your features of your website, why?

We suggest you to request the view of ‘desktop site’ from your mobile’s browser and you will be able to view all the content correctly.

10.Where can i find Marsbet’s banners and logos so as to upload them to my website?

Simply just login to your affiliate account and go to media gallery. There you can find all the available logos and banners.